How to make your stock market prediction look like a million bucks

How To Earn Big Sums On The Stock Market

When playing the stock markets, it is essential to have a balanced view to investing to ensure the most profitable returns from the activity. Each person who gets involved with investment decisions should be focused on understanding the risks involved in any money activity and to seek a risk profile which is in tune with the flow of money and the needs of the individual. There is always the very human tendency to make comparisons with others on the markets, but this should not reach obsessive levels that the whole focus of getting to be on the stock market is completely lost. 

Understanding the risks of making investment decisions

Traditionally it was the riskiest of investments that more or less yielded the best returns. This soon led to situations where people took to stock gambling India than to make educated decisions on how to spread out the money in hand. History has proved that this approach is more detrimental to the well being of the individual than with any positive results to show for it.

The financial position and the needs for money vary with each individual, and it is thus only proper that the correct risk profile is chosen which is in tune with the temperament and financial capacity of the investor as far as possible. It is this focused approach together with ample patience to wait out the right time to make an entry that has stood the test of time in providing the best return for the money invested.

Knowing which of the instruments to make use

One of the defining characteristics of the capital markets is the availability of a wide range of investible instruments. Thus it is possible to use the most appropriate vehicle to invest money that would be in tune with the general risk profile and the stated goals of the investment activity. Listed out below are some of the standard investment options found on any of the stock markets.

  • Equity: These are but shares in joint stock companies which individual investors can purchase. With the purchase of the stock of a company, the owner is provided with a few privileges. This would be the right to exercise a vote for the share held and to expect to participate in the profits that might come the way of the firm. 
  • People would buy up shares in the hope of getting a return on the capital being invested. This could be by way of the dividends being declared periodically or the capital appreciation that occurs between the purchase of the shares and the eventual sale of the same. 
  • Derivatives: The derivatives are but instruments which do not have intrinsic value on their own but would derive benefit from an underlying product. Unlike the equity investor, the derivative client cannot vote in the affairs of the company nor expect a dividend at any time. So principally the derivative holder has to cash out at the end of his holdings or convert the derivative instrument to shares of the company when the time arrives. 
  • Bonds: Bonds are securities which are held for the interest being paid to the investor on a regular basis. Of all the different schemes of investments on the stock markets, these are the least volatile of the lot and are the least risky too. The bondholder has to be paid his interest irrespective of the company making any money or not. 

How to call the market movements correctly

It would be safe to say that there would not be a readymade formula to make money on the stock markets. Most of the successful investors have managed to work out a practical plan which should bring those returns for the most parts. It would be wrong to try to imitate the successful actions of the well-known investors as it could not work in every situation and condition.

What works in no small extent in calling winning deals is the proper analysis of the market conditions. If the investor is new to the stock markets, it would be advisable to read up on the founding concepts of the markets. This should provide grounding on the manner the markets function and how best to position oneself to take full advantage of the investment opportunities.

The seasoned players in the stock markets swear by the stop loss positions. This inherently limits the losses incurred during adverse price movements and help preserve capital. Never can a person survive on the stocks and shares game without some capital to use and thus a correct focus to keeping the money in hand intact must be taken at all times.


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