Ques 1:- What is StockMarketFair ?

Ans:- StockMarketFair is a platform that provides the facility to any player in the world ,who can play for Rise or Squat on listed stock market indexes.

Ques 2:- How the game works ?

Ans:- Please check section How to play.

Ques 3:- What is the minimum amount required to play ?

Ans:- You need minimum 100 Indian Rupees to stake.

Ques 4:- Is it legal and safe ?

Ans:- Yes, It is legal and safe because it comes under Game of skill Act

Ques 5:- Is registration a requirement ?

Ans:- Yes, The one who wants to play He/She has to register.

Ques 6:- Is real money involved ?

Ans:- Yes, It is based on real money.

Ques 7:- How much amount can be withdrawn at a time ?

Ans:- Any Winning Amount (Minimum 1000 Indian rupees) can be withdrawn without any charges but if you withdraw deposit amount then there will be have nominal charge of 4%.

Ques 8:- Is there TDS on it ?

Ans:- Yes, there is TDS Applicable as per law of Govt of India.

Ques 9:- What strategies are required to play the game ?

Ans:- It is purely a game of skill, The expert player should understand the markets closing rise or squat from the company price.

Ques 10:- What are the different terminology need to know before playing the game ?

Ans:- One Should read How to play.

Ques 11:- Is support is available or whom to contact in case of any support is required ?

Ans:- In case of any type of Support you can send us mail at info@stockmarketfair.com

Ques 12:- What are matched and unmatched bids ?

Ans:- Matched bids are those bids when a player plays a bid at market price and it’s bid matched  with someone else bid by fully or partially. The player bids for different price then market price the bid may go for unmatched.

Ques 13:- What happens once my game is suspended ?

Ans:- Game can suspended due to technical reasons but your matched bid will be closed / declared on the basis on market results.

Ques 14:- Do I need to provide my bank details ?

Ans:- Yes, You need to provide the bank details while withdrawal.

Ques 15:- Is my money safe ?

Ans:- Yes, your money is 100% safe with StockMarketFair Pvt. Ltd

Ques 16:-How I will receive my money in case of profit made ?

Ans:- It is very simple to withdrawal your money, Simply click on your name at top bar and select ID. Then you’ll reach at new window, In this window click on payment option and select withdrawal for withdrawing your money.