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  • Play Rise SMF_N (11000)
Stake Back (High)
32000 1.90
25000 1.85
Lay (vs High) Stake
1.95 13270
1.96 25000
  • Play Squat SMF_N (10999.99)
Stake Back (Low)
18600 2.05
25000 2.04
Lay (vs Low) Stake
2.11 26540
2.12 25000

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Online Bidding in India

In today’s time, everybody is eager to enjoy a lifestyle full of fun and pleasure. In order to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life, one should be able to make that kind of money as well. Online bidding in India provides many the opportunity to make quick money in a considerably short time. With millions across the world using their bidding talent to turn their luck, the industry sees a turnover of several billions every year. Indians aren’t just excited for old-school horse race bidding, Rummy bidding, Poker etc. Cricket bidding is Illegal In India, But there are more attracted towards bidding on cricket, football, stocks and even in poker. Online bidding on sports is a great pastime enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of people in India. But unlike those who bid online for fun, there are others who take their talent seriously and put actual effort into trying to make money. In India, there are a plethora of bidding sites that allow daily bidding and the chance to win money. But for an online bid in India, there are other things to consider besides having real money on the stake. Not all the online bidding sites are good and can be trusted when it comes to any type of bidding whether it be casino wagering, poker play, sports bidding, and horse racing.

How to bid Online in India in Rupees?

To place a bid online, bidding sites in India are working on their user-friendliness. Online bidding websites differ from each other in regards to their user-interface and operation but apparently, the process of bidding doesn’t really change. The other thing that the sites for online bidding in India are doing is allowing daily bidding in Indian rupees to make it a much easier process.

General bidding Process

  • Firstly, one has to a create an account on the bidding website. Then one has to choose what to bid on and select the bidding markets.
  • Next comes your own understanding of the bidding game while you place your bids. If you are sure of your bid, you need to confirm them.
  • Keep track of your bids as they are displayed on the screen.
  • Plan what will you do with your winnings. You can either cash out or store the winnings for future bids.

It is Legal to bid online in India?

This is probably one of those questions ringing in ears of those interested in or fond of bidding. Though it’s thought to be prohibited in most forms, the truth is that laws and legislation related to gambling are outdated and unclear. For the most part, it’s hard to say what’s legal and illegal for online bidding in India. If you check one of the most initial acts known as the Public Gaming Act of 1867, it has no reference to online gambling. Even if you check out the Information Technology Act of 2000 related to online bidding and gaming, it does not state anything in regards to online gambling being illegal in India. Having said this, one should be more be careful while choosing online bidding sites that are reputable and trustworthy.

Online bidding on Stocks with Stock Market Fair

For those who enjoy bidding on sports, placing bids online on stocks can be equally exciting. One should also consider bidding on stocks if they think bidding on cricket is too risky and may not give them expected outcomes also illegal In India. When investing in stocks, one is placing your bids after being completely aware of the status of the business and finance. One needs to just relate to the present day economy and understand how it may affect their bidding investments before playing the stock game. For example, if you take the right risk, you reap great rewards. One has to be sharp and quick to assess the risks involved in making an investment beforehand to maximize the chances of receiving enhanced returns.

StockMarketFair is India’s first platform offering access to worldwide stock indexes. Though there are many sites offering financial spread bidding online in the market today, StockMarketFair is should be your trusted choice. It is India’s largest platform that provides bidding on leading worldwide stock market indexes across countries like India, USA, China, UK, and Japan.

Benefits of Online bidding Daily in India with StockMarketFair.com

StockMarketFair is for anyone who enjoys bidding, is passionate to win and continually stocking smart ways to multiply money. This is how it is revolutionizing online bidding in India:

  • It is for anyone who can play for the Rise or Squat on listed stock market indexes.
  • Giving players sitting in India an opportunity to access and bid on a range of global stock indexes like Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, SMF_N, SMF_S, FTSE, etc.
  • You can start playing at just minimum 100 Indian Rupees.
  • It is completely safe and legal to play via StockMarketFair because it comes under teh Game of Skill Act.
  • Minimum 1000 Indian rupees) to be won.
  • With StockMarketFair, your money is 100% safe.
  • Simple and hassle-free process of money withdrawal.


Q. How to place an online bid in India safely?

A. When you bid online within India, you should always make sure the website you choose is trustworthy and has earned positive reviews.

Q. Which is the best bidding site for Indians?

A. If you are looking forward to bidding online on stocks, StockMarketFair provides the best and safest environment for any player in the world.

Q. Is online bidding legal in India?

A. According to Public Gaming Act of 1867 and Information Technology Act of 2000, there is no definite law or legislation against online gambling.

Q. How to earn money in online bidding?

A. StockMarketFair gives every player a comfortable environment to play money bid on the Rise or Squat of a stock market index, giving an opportunity to win back a much bigger amount of money.

How to play

Select your Market

Select the market to play the game.

Play On Odds

Check odd to play rise or squat

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Play with skill and start with minimum deposit
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