First Time Deposit Bonus 200%

You can only take part if you are a new account holder; and your StockMarketFair account is registered in the India. If we find that you have taken part in this promotion using a multi or duplicate account or that you have used more than one account to participate, we reserve the right to withhold your bet and any winnings earned on the accounts.

Open an account today and claim your 200% deposit bonus. You first need to open an account and deposit a minimum amount of Rs 100 either by bank transfer, debit/credit card, Paytm etc. Then, you will need to place a bet (minimum Stake Rs 100), you can continue playing with your winning /loss amount left in your wallet, Once your main wallet balance goes down below Rs 100 then you will get released Bonus of Rs 100/ day from your wallet locked bonus. If you do not play your Bonus money within one day, then bonus will be expired and next bonus will be released from your locked Bonus on next day. You place your bet on any worldwide stock market indices.

Type of Bonus

There are two following type of charges that may applies to your withdrawal.