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In today’s time, everybody wants to enjoy a lifestyle filled with fun and pleasure. In order to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life, one should consider an alternate source of income. And, why miss this chance if there are guaranteed payments on your returns of bidding. This is possible when you play the stock market index game. Playing in the stock market being equalised to football bidding or cricket bidding may only half the story told. In bidding, people place money at risk in hope of a desired result on something which does have a definite financial outcome. For example, bidding on cricket can be too risky and may not give you expected outcomes. When investing on stocks, you are placing your bids after being completely aware of the status of the business and finance. Investing your time in research on the world stock market news is just one of the preconditions. Before bidding on index , one should complete technical and fundamental analysis. Unlike cricket bidding, one needs to relate to the present day economy and understand how it may affect their bidding investments before playing the stock game. If you take the right risk, you reap great rewards. One has to be sharp and quick to assess the risks involved in making an investment beforehand to maximize the chances of receiving enhanced returns.

Get High Returns in Share Market

Ever thought of placing satta on share market? When you place your bids on financial markets, one of the primary markets you bid on is the stock market indexes. Indexes are collections of shares pertaining to a particular business sector, for example, healthcare, consumer staples, finance, etc. It is different from a market investment where one is looking forward to a long-term investment. When placing your satta on share market, it is basically playing a game whose outcome is determined by the outcome of the market.

As a player, you are looking forward to making double, triple or multiple returns on your stake or bidding and making some quick money by placing wagers on stocks. Stock market bidding is more of an enjoyable activity where you don’t have to grow old to enjoy the benefits of your investment. bidding for getting a high return in share market helps to multiply your wealth in just a few minutes/ Days/ Months. Moreover, the StockMarketFair games are comparatively easy to learn, understand and play.

India’s First Platform Offering Access to Worldwide Stock Indexes

Though there are many sites offering financial spread bidding online in the market today, enjoy playing the game of stocks only with StockMarketFair. We are India’s first and largest platform that provides bidding on leading worldwide stock market indexes across countries like India, USA, China, UK, and Japan. Though bidding sites like Betfair have grown in popularity, it’s only us who allow players sitting in India an opportunity to receive big returns by providing them access to a range of global stock indexes like Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, SMF_N, SMF_S, FTSE, etc. Unlike the other stock marketing bidding sites , StockMarketFair is your steady support in the stock game allowing users to set their own odds for the first time. Players can have fun and can be receiving 1000% returns daily. If you’re a stock market enthusiast and above the age of 18, then don’t waste time and dream big with StockMarketFair.

FTSE Stock Market

Financial Times and Stock Exchange or FTSE is the stock index of UK which is owned by The Financial Time and London Stock Exchange (LSE). Amongst numerous indexes of FTSE, FTSE 100 is the most widely used and popular one. 100 blue chip companies traded in London Stock Market invested in FTSE 100. These enterprises are the major components of this index. Keeping an eye on these constituents will make you aware of the selection of the stocks that are worth investable. Also, they screen liquidity stocks to perform trading using the FTSE 100 index.

Often known as ‘Footsie’, FTSE 100 accesses its components and replaces the poor one with the one performing better after every three months. For those you have a desire to do FTSE Stock Market bidding , can analyse the market and its components to reap valuable returns. FTSE stock market bidding will leave you with stock benefits that are doing good on the list. Spread bidding is a popular choice to make profitable investment via FTSE stock index. Also, it’s a convenient way to trade with a turbulent market and end up above 200 points in a single trading session.

Play and Win bidding on FTSE Everytime

Interested in making massive returns through FTSE stock market bidding? Get an amazing chance to play on one of the leading stock markets with us. StockMarketFair offers you a simple and direct way to bid online on FTSE and make great returns on a daily basis.

Enterprises involved in FTSE 100 are listed as per their market capitalization in the UK. Being a market-capitalization weighted, FTSE 100 produces greater impact with big companies like Vodafone than smaller enterprises in the list of London Stock Market. As a player, you can bid on the trending index for getting heavy returns like never before.

What’s special about bidding on FTSE with StockMarketFair? One can bid Indian Rupee 100 and see it translating into Rupee 1000 on the index. To get the most of the international stock market, get connected with StockMarketFair.com to bid on your favorite indexes like FTSE 100. The most important thing, it is 24 hour and can be started at just Rupee 100.

Why StockMarketFair?

With StockMarketFair, you get an exposure of making easy money by bidding on worldwide stock indexes. Ranging from indexes like SMF_S, FTSE, Dow Jones to Nasdaq, you are having an edge over other bidding platforms that are limited to Indian stock market only. When it comes to the FTSE bidding in UK , you can invest in the fund invested by its enterprises. All these are big companies in the UK having massive market shares. in this way, you can play on their stakes and earn profitable returns in the form of FTSE stock game.

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NASDAQ Stock Market Index

Till now you were just a player in the Indian stock markets like Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). But what if you could put your analytical skills and win big by bidding on the second largest stock exchange in the world? Carrying out nearly 1.8 billion trades daily, NASDAQ is a US stock market exchange with more than 3,300 company listings with business giants such as Oracle, Amazon, Intel, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amgen. If you want to bid online on NASDAQ , this electronic trading technology has three separate tiers. The NASDAQ had three distinct tiers: The NASDAQ Capital Market, The NASDAQ Global Select Market and The NASDAQ Global Market. Here’s an interesting fact for those interested in NASDAQ Stock Market bidding, the same corporate governance requirements run across all these with the requirements for inclusion being strictest for the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

What’s Special About Investing in NASDAQ?

NASDAQ is a stock market with two indexes- Nasdaq Composite and Nasdaq 100. If you’ve ever heard that the Nasdaq rose or fell by a few points, it’s Nasdaq Composite that is being talked about. Incorporating more than 3,000 components of the Nasdaq stock market, this is the major Nasdaq index. Featuring approximately 100 holdings and some top-rated players in the market like Microsoft and Apple is Nasdaq 100. One of the most fascinating facts related to these its the bigwigs that exercise the greatest influence on the index. Other leading companies who are a part of this index are Facebook, Amazon.com, Comcast and Google parent Alphabet.

Profitable bidding on NASDAQ with StockMarketFair

Helping you in this journey to get some quick returns is StockMarketFair which is India’s first platform providing a bidding opportunity on leading worldwide stock market exchange. Rising above the level of just cricket bidding or other sports bidding, itallows users to set their own odds for the first time, that too when playing in the American arena. For a long time now, enthusiastic players in India have been searching to try their hand in NASDAQ market bidding in USA. The wait is now over as StockMarketFair is ready to help you make money from money by providing a fun and convenient playing experience during every NASDAQ stock game. One can just start with Rs. 100 and increase their possibilities to get 1000% returns daily. To kickstart your experience of NASDAQ stock market bidding, all one has to do is sign up. And you know what? You get a 200% bonus once you sign up! Exciting, isn’t it? Offering a quick and safe money-making experience stock market enthusiasts, people with middle to high-level income and students above the age of 18, the platform is just waiting for you to pose like a winner every day. Save time, spend mind and sweep more for a dime with StockMarketFair.

Dow Jones or more popularly known as the Dow Jones Industrial Average is one of the most followed stock indexes across the globe. Being the second-oldest stock market index, Dow Jones lists the 30 top stocks of some leading business giants such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, General Electric, and Exxon. Besides the Dow Jones Industrial Average, there is Dow Jones Utility Average, which keeps track of 15 utility stocks where profits are more at low-interest rates. Another one is the Dow Jones Transportation Average, which tracks airline, trucking and shipping companies.

Neither of these is to be confused with Dow Jones & Company that prints the Wall Street Journal. Initially, the stock index had only 12 components which quickly rose to 30. In this very year, there are 252 days for trading. Unlike Nasdaq 100, this index DJIA is a price-weighted index, which means stocks with higher share prices are given a greater weight in the index. As all of its components are listed on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), it complies with the trading hours for these exchanges, i.e., 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, starting Monday through Friday. For a long time, many stock market players didn’t know that one could bid on Dow Jones Stock Market Indexes . But you can actually pursue stock market bidding or Rise or Squat and get massive returns in no time at stockMarketfair.com.

How bidding Online on DOW JONES Works?

Given it has fixed stocks, to bid on Dow Jones stock market indexes , a player has to form his own smart game plan. One should know that large companies remain less affected by market bustle than smaller companies. Though your profit potential going down is inevitable, many experts suggest using stop losses while you bid online on Dow Jones. As a player, if you think the Dow is rising up, then you bid on Rise Back. If you believe the Dow is moving down, then you can take a position called Squat Back accordingly. You win if your guess is right and lose if it is wrong. This implies that you can make money whether the Dow goes up or down.

Bid on DOW JONES Stock Market Indexes via StockMarketFair

Place your StockMarketFair which is India’s biggest platform that provides access for bidding on the leading worldwide stock market exchanges. Receive the promise both fun and prize for your bid online on DOW JONES only with us. Starting with just Rs.100, you can multiply your wealth in a fast and foolproof way by pursuing DOW JONES Market bidding in USA. Made for the people who have knowledge about stock markets and anyone else above the age of 18 years, DOW JONES Market bidding in USA is now possible via this platform. It is for everyone who is passionate to win and continually stocking smart ways to multiply money when playing.

SMF_N Stock Market Index of India

SMF_N is one of the leading stock market indexes of India owned by India Index Services and Products (IISL) which is a subsidiary of National stock exchange (NSE). Originated from the two words ‘National’ and ‘FIFTY’, SMF_N includes 50 blue chip companies of India. All these top traded stocks are selected from 24 various sectors where Reliance Industries Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services, Hindustan Unilever, Infosys are amongst the most liquid Indian securities today. Started in the year 1996, it’s suitable to perform index funds, benchmarking, and index-based derivatives to receive good returns with SMF_N. AnalysingSMF_N from past five years, it can be said that it has given compounded annual returns of almost 13%. As a result, investors are taking bolder steps in bidding on the stock market index touching 12,000 in 2018.

Before moving with a bid on SMF_N stock market indexes , understanding its calculations is an important part for making smart moves by stock market players. SMF_N 50 is a capitalization-weighted index and have assigned weight to the listed companies as per their size. For a larger company, a larger weight is provided and thus, offer a chance to produce considerable returns on big shares. SMF_N 50 has the base value 1000 along with Rs 2.06 trillion set as a base capital. In short, Index Value = Value of Current Market / Base Capital x Base Value of Index (1000).

Choose StockMarketFair to Play Exciting bidding Game

Playing on the stock market indexes can yield you great returns. Want to get them on a regular basis? Stop thinking and grab the exciting opportunity StockMarketFair has for you. We offer the first platform of India for people interested in the stock market as well as students above the age of 18. Invest in the worldwide stock market indexes via our site and receive amazing benefits like 1000% daily returns. Bid online on SMF_N , India’s major stock index by signing up on StockMarketFair and get 200% bonus.

Many experts share the fact that India is a rising name in terms of the stock market. Being an upcoming country in the area, SMF_N market bidding in India is an interesting thing to consider here for the people leaned towards financial benefits. Besides, even 12th pass students can play on SMF_N to earn easy money using a short ride offered by us. SMF_N is an exotic market in India, where one needs to have caution, safety and preparation making any bid. Get ready and connect with StockMarketFair which allows you to make investments not only on SMF_N but on global indexes to make easy money with bidding games. Start with just Rs. 100, bid on SMF_N stock market indexes and receive extraordinary returns by playing on the platform. Unlike other sites offering online bidding facilities, StockMarketFair makes sure that you get full support and the best user experience ever. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Stop wasting time and open an easy account on the site and win 30% points for verified accounts.

SMF_S Stock Market Index of India

Want to know where are the shares of top companies of India are invested? It’s the SMF_S stock market index. It tracks the performance of top 30 major and financially sound companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) of India. SMF_S, also known as BSE 30 chooses companies from various leading sectors of India on the basis of factors like industry representation, liquidity, and trading volume of a company. Following a free-float market, it’s an index having the base year of 1978-79 and base value of 100. The list of well-established enterprises includes Cipla, State Bank Of India, HDFC Bank Ltd., Hero MotoCorp, Axis Bank, Infosys, Adani Ports, Bajaj Auto, Power Grid, NTPC, M&M and Tata Steel. SMF_S is a capitalization-weighted index indicating the movements of the stock market of India. It implies that companies with higher stock prices get more weightage than others on the list.

When the SMF_S moves up, it means that the stock prices of most of the stocks on the BSE list gone up. And, if the SMF_S goes down, it indicates that the stock prices of major stocks on BSE have gone down. Imagine that today SMF_S is 26,000 and tomorrow it falls to 25,950. Going down of the index here means that the shares of top 30 companies are not in a good condition and are falling. When it comes to bidding on SMF_S, it is really not risky as compared to the other indexes? Sources highlight that it has never gone down based on the data from nearly 20 years. To bid on SMF_S stock market indexes ,let’s understand its calculation methodology.

How is the SMF_S Calculated?

The SMF_S index follows a free-floating method. And, what does that mean? Currently, the market is calculated through this method which started on September 1, 2003. Being a market capitalization method, the floating method focuses on the floating shares of a company for the purpose of trading. In this approach, the shareholding of Director gets deducted from the total capitalization before reaching out to investors.

For those who want to get involved in the trading market of SMF_S, the opening time is 09:15 hours and closing time is 15:30 hours of BSE. It is open from Monday to Friday every week for the time period of 6.15 hours a day.

If you want to make money, bid on SMF_S stock market indexes through trading in derivatives. As an investor, there’s no need to buy latent assets. Prices in the market fluctuate up and down regularly and thus, one can bid online on SMF_S for a long or short term.

How to start bidding with StockMarketFair?

Here is an awesome chance to generate great returns from SMF_S in a fun way! All you need is to start playing the game of money on StockMarketFair. A fun and quick way to win money from stocks! What makes us unique is the opportunity we offer to the audience to engage in the international stock market indexes. We are not limited to SMF_S, but offer a variety of leading stock index like Hong Kong, SMF_N, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and others.

StockMarketFair takes you beyond the borders with stock index games. Not only we offer the SMF_N and SMF_S market bidding in India , but also give a medium to multiply your money through worldwide indexes from countries including USA, UK, Japan, and more. An amazing site designed for stock market enthusiastic people above the age of 18! Sign up on the platform and get your 200% first deposit bonus here. This is just the beginning, go along with us to make direct money in a calculative and fun way.

NIKKEI Index bidding in Japan

The Nikkei stock market index also called as Nikkei 225 is owned by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Since 1950, the calculation of the index is monitored by Nihon KeizaiShimbun (The Nikkei) newspaper daily. Its operations are performed in Japanese Yen and once every year, the components of Nikkei is reviewed. It is the stock index of Japan, but interestingly between the year 1975 and 1978, it was called as ‘Nikkei Dow Jones Stock Average'. Today, the Dow Jones stock index (US) is similar to what Japanese equities’ average quotes. ‘225’ in Nikkei represents the inclusion of top financially performing companies in Japan categorised in diverse components. These companies are mentioned in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is a price-weighted index and since May 16, 1949 has a base value of 176.21. bidding on Nikkei may give measurable and beneficial returns as it is amongst the leading stock market indexes in Asia. Bid on NIKKEI stock market indexes from a reliable source like StockMarketFair to get 1000% daily returns. An opportunity of heavy returns from Nikkei is very much dependent on its components mentioned below.

Components of the Nikkei Index

The popularity of Nikkei can be known with the fact that it is still considered as a prime stock market measure in Asia. In this recognition, the large market components have a significant part in the economy of Japan. The price-weighted system of Nikkei suggests that big companies with large share prices are weighted more than the smaller ones on the list of TSE.

Here, the price of Nikkei is driven by the companies it possesses. Nikkei’s components, the 225 enterprises are placed in various sectors like foods, automotive, textiles & apparel, precision instruments, chemicals, mining, banking, and many others. They enlist the best brands of the nation including Honda, Nissan, Nikon, Mitsubishi Motors, Yamaha, Olympus, Sony, Suzuki, Shinsei Bank, and Hitachi Construction Machinery. There are some factors in Tokyo shares that affect Nikkei market bidding in Japan. It can be the yen fluctuations, overseas interests, the increasing rate of yen.

Why do to Bid Online on NIKKEI?

There are some interesting facts for you if you want to bid on NIKKEI stock market indexes. Though there are Western world indexes like Dow Jones and FTSE 100 that influence the global market, the Asian market majorly got impacted much with the Nikkei index. To bid on this index, you can have a 225 good amount of companies to invest with some risk on your own. Since it is located in altogether a different portion of the globe, a major thing is to extract benefit from the time differences it has to offer to the stock market traders. This makes it a popular choice for many people over other indexes.

Play and Win Amazing Money Deals on StockMarketFair

StockMarketFair is the first website of India offering access to globally established stock market indexes. With our platform, one would be able to play on their favourite index to make great profits. Bid on indexes from SMF_N, SMF_S, FTSE, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, to NIKKEI, Shanghai, and others. India is experiencing this for the very first time- an opportunity to make quick money right from the age of 18.

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Shanghai Stock Exchange

China has three stock exchanges including the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. All of these operate independently. Shanghai is the stock market index of China based in Shanghai city. Mainland authorities in China monitor the tight capital account and control them. This is why, it is not completely open for the foreign investors, but people can invest in the stock index after understanding and inspecting this Chinese stock exchange.

Shanghai Composition

Launched on 15 July 1991, SSE consists shares of listed A Group and B Group as the constituents. This composition index tracks the performance of their listed companies on a daily basis. The index was built on December 19, 1990 with the base value of 100. Trading in the shares falling in A Group is done mostly by the local investors whereas B Group shares can be bought by foreign investors. Investments on the platform can be targeted by performing trading in the form of stocks, bonds, funds, and derivatives.

Bid on Shanghai Stock Market Index

Stock market indexes like SMF_N (India ), SMF_S (India), and FTSE (UK) are capitalization-weighted index similar to The Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index. Here, big companies on the list with big market shares have higher weightage of stocks than others. The companies that made up to the list includes Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Dongfeng Automobile, Beijing Capital, China World Trade Center Company, and other giant enterprises of China. Interested to explore Shanghai Market bidding in China ? Note that, it remains open from Monday to Friday from 09:15-11:30 and 13:00-15:00 as per the trading schedule on SSE. You can bid online on Shanghai to get a high return in the share market. The Chinese market can be a roller-coaster ride for most of the people but when played carefully can bring you great results.

Worldwide bidding with StockMarketFair

What if we say you can get exposure to multiple stock indexes on a single platform. Yes, you heard it! StockMarketFair is the first platform in India which lets you play on a diverse stock market indexes like FTSE, NASDAQ, SMF_N, SMF_S, and more.

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Why to invest in the stock market index of India alone when you have the chance to bid on share markets present globally. There are stocks platforms from US, UK, China, and other countries to get high returns in an easy way. Bid on Shanghai stock market via our platform and uncover the best mode of stocks by receiving heavy returns. Play on StockMarketFair if you are a person attracted to the stock markets. Sign Up TODAY!

Hong Kong Stock Market

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) is the parent company of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK). With the fastest growing rate, SEHK is Asia’s third-largest market of stock exchange. Other stock market indexes of China like Tokyo Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange are ahead of this platform in terms of market capitalization. Also, it owns another company named Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited (HKFE).

All the market data provided by HKEx can be seen on HKEx Information Services Limited. With a significant global position in the world, it owns the London Metal Exchange too. It is amongst the leading exchanges in the world in terms of market capitalisation worth more than US$3.9 trillion. HKEx market has listed 2,215 companies until June 2018. People can bid on HKEx stock market indexes to bring benefits from the profits with a high range when invested effectively on the top market exchange.

SEHK (the exchange) is responsible for regulating companies in the list. It maintains the market and ensures that it’s fair and running in order. On the other hand, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) takes the lead role in monitoring listings along with enforcing and investigating any kind of misconduct. SEHK is a venue in Asia that offers a platform for companies looking for investors to fuel businesses’ needs and raise funds. A variety of enterprises are present on the list including regions of China and majorly Hongkong. Basically, it’s a world-class market for the finance-seeking companies and associated people. Some of the blue-chip companies include AIA, Tencent Holdings, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, PetroChina, Agricultural Bank of China, HSBC Holdings and others. If you have been fascinated about HKEx market bidding, read on to access the best platform in India.

To be a part of this global capital market, one needs to bid online on HKEx.HKEx attains the largest part financial instrument when it comes to yuan. Not only trading securities but also technology, infrastructure services, and trade clearing also generate revenues for the index. Bid on HKEx to earn the money from leading stocks of China.

How is StockMarketFair Different?

We know that there is a big risk factor associated with bidding activities like cricket bidding . But the stock market is way different and technical than other markets and thus, consumes fewer chances of risk with right calculations. When you are all set to jump in the financial stock market, rely on a platform which features best of the possibilities.

StockMarketFair has brought you the best of the stock market opportunity, i.e. to play in international stock indexes. Unlike any other platform in India, StockMarketFair delivers an amazing gaming experience to bid on HKEx stock market indexes and get returns up to 1000% value. Play via our site and make easy money if you are over 18 years of age and passionate about stocks. Aside from the professionals, students can also be a part here to gain an exposure and also make money from the leading worldwide stock indexes like SMF_N, SMF_S, FTSE, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and more. These indexes are the significant measures of share market in countries like India, USA, UK, and China.

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