Betting on Stocks in India

Betting has been in India for the longest one can remember. But have you thought if you can actually calculate the value of your bet before leaving everything to luck? The stock market betting or spread betting is one of the fastest growing markets in India and has been explored by many till now. Moreover, there are an ample amount of local and international markets whose status changes every day which gives a plenty of betting opportunities. In India, however it is not very easy to access international markets for the same purpose. It is often perceived to be a straightforward procedure like choosing a stock, predicting whether it will rise and fall over a particular duration and then sitting back, relaxed and waiting to see if you have won or not. But it actually needs a bit more effort than this. Betting exchange trading is not this simple. One needs to completely aware of the status of the business and finance. You should also be aware of the historical data of your chosen market and should check for past trends. Before placing a bet on markets, the most important things to consider is understanding of the global market movement and the impact of current affairs on your chosen stock.

Why Stock Market Betting is Best Way to Earn Real Money?

When you bet on stocks, you are not the owner of the stock. You merely have to judge whether there will be a rise or squat. The spread betting company will quote two prices on the offer. When engaging in spread betting for placing a bet on the markets, you have to pay a certain percentage of the total value of the stock as a deposit before you can estimate its price range. The spread betting company will quote two prices on the offer. The bid price is known as the spread. You have to guess if the cost of the stock will drop lower than the bid or higher than the offer price. For example, if a stock market index of the share is trending at 1000, and the spread betting company offers bid price at Rs. 990 and the offer at Rs. 1010. And, you estimate a dip and fix Rs.10 for every point. If there is a dip as you suggested, for example, it drops from 990 to 970, you will earn Rs 200 (20 * Rs.10) as a profit for the decrease of 20 points. If the market rises to the Rs 1010 or above, you will lose Rs 10 per increased point below or above the bid price. This approach helps many investors in betting exchange trading.

What is Stock market fair and How it is Works for Bet on Stocks and Markets?

StockMarketFair is India’s first platform offering access to worldwide stock indices. Though there are many sites offering financial spread betting online, StockMarketFair is India’s largest platform that provides betting on leading worldwide stock market indices across countries like India, USA, China, UK, and Japan. One you sign up, you have to log in to play. When carrying out stock market spread betting, opt for the index you want to play and choose what you want to play- Rise or Squad side. Then if you are bidding to rise back means you are suggesting that the market will close above the company price. But if play rise lay side, it means you are rooting for market to not close above company price. If you play index squad side, your bidding to squad back means you are playing that market will close below the company price. If you play the squad lay side that means you are bidding for the belief that market will not close below company price.

Benefits of Bet on Stocks and Markets in India

There are several benefits of betting on stock market in India:

  • If you are a beginner, spread betting is a great way to learn how to bet on stocks.
  • Spread gives the flexibility to bet or trade as it can be done through different exchanges, markets and months.
  • It helps people to grab interesting and profitable trading or betting opportunities, given the easy access to the huge range of markets across the world.
  • Spreads are also considered to be much easier to trade than other market techniques.
  • Spreads require a only a small margin requirement. This hints that there’s potential to make big money on your initial small deposit with relatively small movements.

Why StockMarketFair is the Best Option for Online Bet on Stocks and Markets?

StockMarketFair is changing the way online betting on stocks takes place:

  • For all who can play for the Rise or Squat on listed stock market indices.
  • Giving players in India an opportunity to bet on financial markets and access a range of global stock indices like Nikkei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Nifty, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Sensex, FTSE, etc.
  • One can start playing at a minimum 100 Indian Rupees.
  • StockMarketFair comes under the Game of Skill Act, making it completely secure.
  • At least 1000 Indian rupees to be won.
  • StockMarketFair keeps your money 100% safe.
  • Offers a hassle-free process of money withdrawal.


Q: Which stocks are the best bet for a new investor?

A. One should aim for invest in stocks of companies that are less volatile and where there is less risk of losing.

Q. Can I easily make online Bet on Stock and Market India deposits and withdrawals?

With StockMarketFair, It is very simple to withdraw money. You can click on your name at the top bar and select ID. Then you’ll reach a new window where you click on payment option and select withdrawal of money.

Q. Can I play online Bet on Stocks and shares on my mobile?

A. Yes, with StockMarketFair which is India’s first platform offering access to worldwide stock indices online, you can bet stocks and shares on my mobile.