Virtual Stock Trading Game and Application in India

Are you scared to invest money in the stock market? Do you fear you’ll lose your hard earned money in stocks? This could be the case if you lack a proper understanding of the market. Thanks to digital platforms that offer effective knowledge regarding playing well and investing in stocks. The Internet has open possibilities to get an idea about the working of the stock market. There are virtual stock trading game apps for students and professionals to make them discover the real world of stocks.

Purpose of the Virtual Stock Market App in India

Virtual trading apps present in the market provide virtual or fake money. You can use the money by investing it in stocks of different companies. You learn to track them and then earn profits in terms of money. The motive behind developing such apps is to cultivate an understanding of the working of stock markets through which people can really understand how to invest smartly. Using the virtual trading game of Indian stock market, also known as the stock simulator, you will come to know about the market and how to take actions influencing the market. Based on the action you take, you will lose or win. Some apps even provide a chance with gaming leagues to play against your friends. All in all, you not only can win but also can make profits out of investments through stock trading games of India. Now, use your smartphones to learn about stock market working using the virtual money for trading.

Why Stocks and Shares Games are Best Ways to Earn Money Virtually?

Known as paper trading, a virtual stock trading works similarly to the actual trading practice. The only difference here is, you are not dealing with real money but a virtual one. First of all, you need to register for an account for getting virtual money like Rs. 5 lakhs. Now you are ready to deal with a real stock market scenario using the given virtual money. The biggest advantage is that you can apply different strategies in the stocks without risking any penny. Isn’t that amazing? Now, when you get the basic idea associated with the virtual trading apps, let’s move onto the more important benefits you can discover while using such apps.

  • First of all, there’s nothing to lose. You are going to use the apps that are free of charge plus the money is fake too.
  • No need to take out extra time. Just ensure you are spending a few minutes of your day to play via the app on your smartphone and check the activities related to stock investments. You can effortlessly play on your way or during the lunch break.
  • You don’t need an additional tool or equipment. Just a smartphone and you are done. Simply you are using a device like a smartphone to learn something beneficial.
  • In this digital era, where various apps are competing to acquire more customers, you can have the ultimate advantage. Some apps reward users with real money.
  • With virtual money trading, you will have a clear understanding of how the stock market works. You will get to experience of winning or losing while bidding on real markets.
  • After enough experience with stock games, you can switch to real stock market opportunities via StockMarketFair. It is completely safe and legal to play via StockMarketFair because it comes under Game of Skill Act.

Virtual stock games are a great way to understand the working of real stocks and make strategies to win in the real game. When you work through virtual money, you are learning a lot and losing nothing. Using apps related to the stocks and shares game of Indian stock markets, you can learn about investing in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits, and others.

Is it Legal to Play Stock Trading Games in India?

Websites that offer to play virtual stock trading games are not really regulated by any authorisation. Thus, the legality of these games in India is not clear and can be questioned from various fronts. Unless an authorizing body like SEBI do not make these games clear under provisions, playing these games cannot be considered completely legal.

Benefits of Stock Trading Games of India

As discussed above, using virtual stock trading platforms or stock simulators are of great importance when it comes to know about stocks and learn to invest in them carefully. Here are some of the great benefits associated with the virtual stock market app in India.

  • It never demands to open a demat/trading account. Also, you don’t have to carry out any documentation process.
  • The virtual trading game of Indian stock market or other markets in the world doesn’t need any real money.
  • The platforms offer real-time market scenarios preparing users towards adopting different strategies.
  • Learn the basics of the stock market. Make mistakes and improve your ability to invest in shares.
  • Your trading activities are completely risk-free.


Are there any stock trading simulator games?

Yes, there are many stock trading simulator games in the world like Wall Street Survivor, Investfly, UpDown, Moneybhai etc.

What is the best online virtual stock market game apps in India?

Some of the highly recommended online virtual stock market games include Moneybhai, TrakInvest, Dalal Street, etc.

What are the virtual stock market game playing sites in India?

India’s best virtual stock market games are Moneybhai, Dalal Street, NSE Paathshala, TrakInvest, Investfly, and more.

Can I play online stocks and shares game on my mobile?

Of course, there are apps dedicated to online virtual stock trading. Following are such Android apps:

  • BUX - Easy Stock Trading
  • Stock Trainer
  • The Game of Stocks
  • Invstr
  • Stock Market Simulator and more.